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Big bale breaker

Revolution engineered from the first machine.

Excellent soil preparation from the start. Hortevo big bale breaker is a mobile machine designed to support each size production facility. Easy maintenance, maximum efficiency and maximum mobility thanks to set of transport wheels or forklift. Each big bale is quickly processed into homogenous substrate possible for processing.


  • Hydraulic fully automated and repeatable tilting system
  • Acoustic alarm when big bale is finished
  • Capable also to work as loose soil bunker
  • Long service life and optimum power transmission by means of a hollow pin roller chain
  • Efficient processing from filling to dosing
  • Simple and fast loading with little handling
  • Mechanism for gently loosening the substrate without spoiling its structure
  • Automatic filling height control in the compost hopper of the connected machine via optical laser adjustment
  • Easy to manoeuvre by hand

Protective coating process involving: shot blasting SA 2.5 and 2 layer powder coating, frame bright grey, container dark grey, and all abrasive elements electrolytically galvanised.


  • Quick dismount extension panels
  • Towing device
  • Watering system
  • Half big bale insert plate
  • Acoustic empty tank alarm

Technical Data:

  • Big bale dimesion (LxWxH) :     0,80-1,20x1,2x2,75m
  • Maximum load: up to a total (bale) weight of 1500 kg.
  • Machine dimensions (LxWxH):  2,72x1,77x2,81x
  • Height in loading position :         2,48m
  • Weight:                                        1300kg