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About us

Standard machines:

Hortevo constantly expands the range of machinery offered to the customers. Every single parts is being made with our company, thanks to it we are able to customize any element up to customer demand following to offer the most reasonable price/value solutions to our customers.

R&D Engineering:

All new projects and machines are fully designed in the most modern 3d design software's.  Thanks to it client obtains full visualization of created custom made machine before signing the contract. This is an advantage for both sides of cooperation - Client and Hortevo. All machines are 3d simulated and stress forces can be simulated, therefore all parts, materials and drives are perfectly engineered.

Electric department:

All electrics and switchboxes are designed within the company, thanks to it we can keep the quality of components on very high level. We use only the reliable brands as Siemens, Eaton, Omron and Banner Helukabel, Eaton and so on. Therefore the machine electrics is reliable and all PLC last much longer than only the warranty time.